Types of Engagement Rings


Simple and timeless, the solitaire ring is a classic mounting featuring a single diamond. Prong or tension settings and different coloured stones may be used for this style.



There are three styles of vintage rings – Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco.Victorian rings are intricate in design may feature scroll engravings and a centre stone surrounded by smaller ones. Yellow gold, rose gold and coloured gems are often used. Edwardian rings are ornate and feature a filigree or lace-like style. Rings in this style may also have diamond encrusted surfaces with large centre stones and graceful, flowing curves. Art Deco rings have strong geometry and are symmetrically designed. French cut (or square cut stones) are a popular choice. This modern style usually features grid, octagon and chevron shapes.


Diamond Side Stones:

This ring style is essentially a solitaire with smaller stones lining its sides for a glamourous touch. Besides diamonds, coloured gems may be used as a beautiful complement to the centre stone.



The Halo ring’s style leans towards vintage and features micro pavé diamonds surrounding a larger centre diamond. This gives the appearance of a bigger centre and more brilliance.



Also known as a three stone ring, the trilogy ring has a centre stone nested in-between two smaller side stones. The three stones in this ring are a popular romantic symbol for ‘yesterday, today and tomorrow’ in a couple’s life together.



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