Jewellery Care:

  1. Remove your diamond or gemstone ring before applying makeup, perfume, hairspray and other body care products.
  2. Safe-keep your ring when doing housework, sports and other rigorous or manual labour to prevent loss or damage.
  3. To prevent scratches on your jewellery, keep them stored individually in a soft bag or a jewellery box with separate compartments.
  4. Check for loose gemstones on your jewellery periodically so you can prevent it from falling out.
  5. Self-cleaning of diamond and gemstone jewellery can be done with a lint-free cloth and light washing with soap. Professional cleaning can help to remove scratches and restore its shine.
  6. Keep pearl jewellery away from heat and clean with a soft dry cloth.
  7. Prevent silver from tarnishing by avoiding contact with sulphurous foods and products. Silver and other precious metals can be cleaned with a polishing cloth.
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